What is the role of Process Mining in 5G Private Networks?

Process Mining is an emerging technology that enables data owners to generate retrospective (what happened and why?, how to improve?, etc.) as well as prospective (what will happen and how likely?, how to prevent?, etc.) insights about the process by applying data analytics to high quality process data regardless of industry and the use case. Limit is not the sky, but the skill set to ask the right questions about the process and interpret the data correctly.

Where is the data?

Telecommunications industry is the one which facilitates the immense amount of data flows on global scale. It can be considered as the biggest data pipe in the world together with the internet. However, the traditional Communication Service Providers (CSPs) may not be considered as highly successful on unleashing the potential of data that flows over the public networks to create value on their own operations as well as to the end users due to many plausible reasons.

Why 5G Private Networks?

5G technology offers many services that is different than the previous technologies. It does not only offer improved broadband connectivity to end consumers, but also many intriguing possibilities for all the industries to make their digital transformation come to reality. That is the starting point of discussions on Private Networks with 5G to enable numerous digital transformation use cases by privately deploying the 5G networks. That consequently means, high quality and business specific enterprise process data – Process Mining is in love with – will flow over 5G Private Networks.

OK but, can this data be leveraged in favor of continuous productivity improvement in the future with 5G Private Networks that is going to be used for various critical communications (public safety, autonomous driving, military, etc.) and industrial IoT (manufacturing, transportation, oil and gas, construction , etc.) scenarios? The answer is: yes it can be, and it should be!

The pushing factors for that are;

  1. Sense of urgency for process analytics (predictive maintenance, data-based forecasts, customer experience management, incident / risk prevention, etc.)
  2. Digitization of verticals’ in-house operations that will be carried over 5G Private Networks pipeline towards enterprises’ own IT systems
  3. Privately owned means less of a public privacy concerns
  4. Advancements in process analytics technologies (big data, process mining, artificial intelligence, digital twin, etc.)
  5. Technological advancements on network operations & management due to urge of shift from network centric metrics monitoring towards service centric metrics monitoring

The role of Process Mining in 5G Private Networks is vital!

5G Private Networks will be the facilitator and enabler of digital transformation to carry the critical information between the entities on digital / recorded environment depending on the use case. For instance, communication between machines and manufacturing execution system (MES) in a manufacturing industry, communication between field workers and ERP system in mining industry, communication between warehouse robots and warehouse management system in retail industry, and communication between the cars on the street from a manufacturer and the CRM of that manufacturer in automotive industry (for predictive maintenance) are just a few examples of many.

All these communications are needed in order to complete a certain business process in a particular industry, and these business processes are always subject to optimization in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness. The good thing of digital transformation with 5G Private Networks is that all those communications are carried over private networks and leaving easily collectible digital footprints. So, the Process Mining can turn that digital footprints – namely communication data – into remarkable industry specific process insights, which obviously offers vast process optimization opportunities.

On coming series we will elaborate this topic further on following dimensions:

  1. Nature of 5G Private Networks and the ways to employing Process Mining on top
  2. Practical use cases of 5G Private Networks + Process Mining on different verticals
  3. SLA audit / management via Process Mining in 5G Private Networks thanks to emerging Open API and Network Exposure Function (NEF) standards

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