Opticoms 5G Innovation Lab

Opticoms 5G Innovation Lab aims to involve various players in the 5G Private Networks value chain in its 5G Innovation Lab for solution design, integration, proof of concept, demonstrations and testing purposes.

How Opticoms can help you on digital transformation?

Digital transformation is paramount today for nearly every industry, but the challenges are also immense. We help you overcome the biggest of challenges with our well-crafted high quality solutions.

HR Challenges and Digital Solutions

Companies must tackle many challenging factors and keep up with the needs of the era in order to survive. Responsible for a company's entire recruitment, retention, workforce management, performance management, and many similar processes, Human Resources plays a critical role in companies' operations especially in difficult times like today’s Covid-19 Pandemic. In other words, the successful exit of companies from these wars is directly related to how dynamic HR departments are.

Why RPA Initiatives Fail?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) targets to automate computer-centric work by replacing the repetitive tasks performed by humans. A software code, often called “bots” use a computer application following the same steps as a person does. It offers big opportunities for companies to boost efficiency and free up staff for higher-level tasks.

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