Address your 5G challenges from technology up to business.

We help telecom operators, system integrators and industry verticals with 5G technology and business consultancy services.

The emergence of 5G technology opened up endless digital transformation opportunities for virtually every industry.

This urged existing telecommunications operators to shape their products for new business opportunities. It also created huge interest from various industries to leverage the 5G technology for their digital transformation use cases. Last, it fostered a complete new value chain in Telecommunications industry with new disruptive vendors, system integrators and many other software and hardware solution providers.

Opticoms has decades of experience on IT and Telecommunications landscape. We offer various high quality 5G consultancy solutions tailored to needs of telecom operators, system integrators and vertical industries thanks to our vast international experience and practical knowledge.


Challenges of
Telecom Operators

  • 5G Deployment Race
  • Increasing Network Complexity
  • New Technologies (O-RAN, Cloud Core)
  • 5G Monetization Issues
  • New Business Models
  • Private Network Offerings
  • Growth Towards New Markets
  • Ecosystem Management
  • Business Transformation
  • Solution / Sales Partnerships

Challenges of
System Integrators

  • New Value Proposition with 5G
  • Telecom Industry Knowledge
  • Technology Know-How
  • Open RAN Integration Complexities
  • 5G Requirement Engineering
  • 5G Solution Design Competence
  • Go to Market Challenges
  • Network Operations Knowledge
  • Radio Planning Competence
  • Solution / Sales Partnerships

Challenges of
Industry Verticals

  • Telecom Industry Knowledge
  • ROI / TCO Calculations
  • Use Case Based Technology Selection
  • Best-Fit 5G Solution Assessment
  • Limited / No Telecom Resources
  • Solution Vendor / Ecosystem Complexity
  • Open RAN Customization Difficulties
  • Network Operations Knowledge
  • Radio Planning Competence
  • Integration of 5G with existing IT / OT



Opticoms adds eSIM offering to its private 5G platform in cooperation with Druid Software and 10T Tech

Opticoms adds eSIM offering to its private 5G platform in cooperation with Druid Software and 10T Tech

Opticoms offers eSIM functionality as part of its private 5G platform.


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