Process Mining & RPA Hand in Hand

As announced recently, UiPath a leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) vendor acquired a Process Mining vendor and a process documentation company. Especially the acquisition of a Process Mining vendor by an RPA vendor is the first acquisition of its kind in the process analytics market. What that really means from now onwards assuming the acquisitions will genuinely achieve the desired synergy?

1. Unique value proposition in the RPA market with combined solution moving the automation from “task view” to the “business process view” with the following benefits of process mining:

  • As-is process discovery
  • RPA candidate selection based on the business impact (ROI, customer experience etc.)
  • Human/bot hybrid process view during bot design and post-implementation phases

2. Better understanding on the manual processes and discovery of automation ideas by the power of process capturing tools which can be used as an input for designing the bot skeleton.

  • The data from process capturing tools like Stepshot gives clear view on how each employee is performing a certain activity
  • The data from ERP systems like SAP, Salesforce etc. provides a clear view on the activities of a whole process
  • The biggest value for a bot design is indeed coming from the combination of 2 types of data which is then analysed via process mining

3. High pressure on both Process Mining and RPA vendors that consequently might urge similar moves or different pricing and/or offering strategies (differentiation).

Indeed, individual technologies in process analytics market reached their maturity and the values they offer are kind of highly complementary to each other. Furthermore, it is difficult for customers to deal with multi-vendors that are contributing to the same goal as piece of puzzles at the end. Because achieving customer goals is possible only when the several vendors are well selected and working in a harmony. Thus, it is possible that we will see this kind of acquisitions in the future more often.

As Opticoms, we have already acknowledged the seamless value of employing RPA and process mining together. And we believe that successful and scalable RPA initiatives can only be achieved using the power of the data. Check here for details!

If you want to learn more about how Opticoms can assist you with your organization’s RPA initiatives as well as productivity challenges contact us via our website or write us an e-mail.

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