A Survey about Campus (Private) Networks that needs your contribution!

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A survey about 4G / 5G campus (private) networks from Opticoms. 20 lucky participants will have a chance to get a 2 hours free-of-charge workshop on campus networks, tailor-made to your needs as a thank you for the participation!

We would like to invite you to take part in our current survey about 4G / 5G campus (private) networks by Opticoms. As a thank you for the participation, 20 participants have the chance of a 2-hour, free workshop on campus networks that is tailored to your needs! The prize will be raffled after the survey has been completed.

The industry has already recognized the value of 4G / 5G campus (private) networks for the business operations. Many applications of digital transformation in various industries are only possible with campus networks or at least made immensely easier. This confirms the fact that several PoCs have already been started in many countries, including Germany. Countries like Germany in particular hold enormous opportunities for digitization for the entire industry. This is because, these countries have regulated the available 5G radio spectrum in such a way that vertical industries can now apply for and operate their own local radio spectrum.

The cost of deploying campus networks has dropped tremendously, but at the same time, the complexity of the solution and the 4G / 5G providers have made it extremely difficult to operate. Our goal is to meet the challenges of the industry in defining the requirements, design, provision and operation of 4G / 5G campus networks in a very cost-effective manner and at the same time with a guaranteed maximum ROI.

Please use the link below to take our survey, which will take approximately 10 minutes to complete, and let us better understand your needs and interests. Your input helps to sharpen our solutions and to offer the most effective campus networks for entire industries.

Opticoms Campus (Private) Networks Survey

Thanks in advance for your participation and the time taken on your side!

Opticoms Team

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