Opticoms adds eSIM offering to its private 5G platform in cooperation with Druid Software and 10T Tech

Opticoms offers eSIM functionality as part of its private 5G platform.

Opticoms adds eSIM functionality as part of its private 5G network offering to its enterprise customers which opens up a new world of flexibility and enhanced security powered by 10T Tech’s eSIM cloud solution and Druid core stack.

Munich, Germany – May 25, 2022 ? Munich based 5G system integrator Opticoms successfully integrated eSIM functionality using 5G-capable Zebra ET85 ruggedized tablet in cooperation with the technology partners; Druid Software and 10TTech.

This innovation is a major step for private 5G networks where enterprises will benefit from the highest flexibility, privacy and security while enabling challenging use cases via high reliability and performant 5G connectivity. In addition to smartphones, e-SIM technology can be widely applicable to various IoT scenarios, including Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), RFID readers, wearables, drones, cameras, MiFi devices and many more. The  eSIM management platform provides advanced visibility and remote provisioning functionality across many devices.

eSIM with many benefits

The remote provisioning of connected devices via 10T Tech?s eSIM platform gives enterprises the flexibility to manage each device without any physical interaction. Being able to change the credentials using an Over-the-Air (OTA) update can save a considerable amount of time and money, especially for the devices located in hard-to-reach environments.  Centralized management gives administrators the capability to intuitively manage the eSIMs across the campus network without the need of telco expertise.

Multi-SIM devices (SIM & eSIM) enable use of the optimal network based on defined use cases (such as location, time of day, network capacity, etc.) offering seamless mobility between public and private networks.  For example, smartphones or handheld devices used by enterprise delivery fleets may need to roam in and out of an enterprise?s private networks.   In such scenarios, dual SIM devices like the 5G-capable Zebra ET85 ruggedized tablet can be used with two separate subscriptions, one belonging to the enterprise private network and the other provided by a cellular network operator.

Innovation Ecosystem

With many years of experience in telecommunications, Opticoms has worked together with key vendors, Druid Software and 10T Tech, to integrate and verify eSIM functionality at Opticoms Co-creation Lab. For the testing, one of the most recent 5G-SA capable device from Zebra Technologies was selected as a representative eSIM device that is often used in logistics and manufacturing by warehouse workers, field service technicians and manufacturing line workers. “While enterprises are moving towards 5G networks, eSIM solutions are increasingly being required by companies expecting to improve mobility and increase the flexibility of onboarding and managing IoT devices as well as employee smartphones” said Kerim Agdaci, CTO of Opticoms GmbH. 

?Druid are delighted to support our partners Opitcoms with this 5G use case. Druid have seen how the Transport and Logistics sector have been early adopters of private networks, using our pLTE solution for many years for port automation, maritime communications, and container tracking, so it?s no surprise to see the industry now testing the benefits of 5G,? commented Liam Kenny, CEO of Druid Software.

?Opticoms has put an excellent 5G solution together using our Raemis 5G SA core platform and the latest eSIM technology from 10T Tech. We have found eSIM enables a more seamless device setup experience on our networks, without the need to insert or replace a physical SIM card which is very helpful for transport and logistics industrial devices.? 

?10T tech is proud to be partnering with Opticoms to deliver the most advanced and intuitive eSIM solution to their clients,? said Fredric Liljestroem, 10T Tech Co-Founder and CEO.  ?Through the use of 10T Tech?s eSIM platform, Opticoms is able to provide intelligent, seamless device mobility across public and private networks that will facilitate business growth and productivity in next-generation eSIM enabled environments.?

?As we stand on the frontline of the eSIM revolution, we are fortunate to work with partners like Opticoms to deliver on the tremendous potential of eSIM and 5G networks to provide the best possible device setup and management capabilities.?

About Opticoms

Opticoms GmbH, located in Munich, Germany with strong experience in Telecommunications and IT delivers the connectivity solutions to enterprises enabling the transformation journey. As one of the first local spectrum license owners in Germany and with strong ecosystem partners in networking, device, process analytics and AI, Opticoms can deliver an end to end running solutions. Keeping E2E processes and ROI always in the center, they are providing process analysis and automation, network design and deployment and system integration services using advanced wireless technologies like 5G.

Be Future Ready | www.opticoms.de

About Druid Software

Druid Software is a core cellular network software company based in Ireland. Established in 2001 Druid has evolved into one of the world’s leaders in Private 5G & 4G Cellular technology over the last 20 years. Druids RAEMIS platform is a mature 3GPP compliant 5G & 4G core network, with unique features designed specifically for business and mission critical use.

Druid’s mature RAEMIS platform is in use today by ISPs and Enterprises for mission critical environments all over the world. Druid technology enables solutions in different areas including:

Enterprise Communications, IoT, Mobile Edge Computing, Neutral Host and Public Safety.

For more information, please visit www.druidsoftware.com or stay up to date with everything private networks by following on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

About 10T Tech

Founded in 2017, 10T Tech is a globally trusted service provider offering a rapid free of charge POC and the world?s fastest eSIM platform deployment with best-in-class functionality to serve Global Challenger and MVNO carriers as well as IoT and Private Network service providers . 10T Tech has also developed its own eSIM Ecosystem Management Solution, My10T, that provides end to end eSIM Management within a mobile operator, from operations to marketing and customer support. Since launching in 2017 10T Tech has commercially deployed its eSIM ecosystem solutions to over 60 mobile carriers globally.

For more information, please visit www.10ttech.com and follow on LinkedIn & Twitter

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